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About Troop 46

Scout Oath

First Class Scout EmblemPurpose

Our Troop exists to help our community's youth develop their potential in three areas: character, citizenship, and personal fitness. We believe that by building strength in these areas (collectively known as the "Aims of Scouting"), we're preparing these youth to become self-sufficient and contributing members of our society as they mature into adulthood.

Scouting's ideals are described in the Scout Oath (see the banner at the top of this page), the Scout Law (see the banner at the bottom of the page), the Scout motto ("Be Prepared"), and the Scout slogan ("Do a Good Turn Daily". A Scout measures his success against these ideals and continually tries to improve upon them.

We firmly believe in the concept of a "boy run" troop. Our Scouts plan all activities, determine their own leaders, and run the meetings. The adult Scouters are there to provide suggestions and advise and to make sure that all activities are conducted in a safe manner.


Troop 46 has an honored tradition dating back to 1918, when we began meeting at the Oakhurst Church at 18th and Spruce in Kansas City. In 1922, the Troop moved to the First Baptist Church at 2310 Linwood, sponsored by the Business Men's Bible class. In 1977, Troop 46 moved to the new First Baptist Church at 100 West Red Bridge Road. And finally in 1987, the Scouts came home to St. Peter's Episcopal Church, where they are today. The Troop is greatly involved in an supported by St. Peter's Episcopal Church, its Chartering Organization.

The Troop performs service projects and supports individual Scout's Eagle projects at and for the Church. In return, St. Peter's give financial support and great moral support and encouragement to the boys and the Troop. We are quite proud of our close supportive relationship with the Church and believe it is truly one of our unique strengths. Troop 46 has also adopted Minor Park in our neighborhood and conducts improvement and cleanup projects there on a regular basis.

Since our first Eagle Scout in 1923, Troop 46 is proud to have advanced over 120 boys to the rank of Eagle Scout.

Organization and Leadership

Senior Patrol Leader PatchAsst. Senior Patrol Leader PatchTroop Guide PatchPatrol Leader PatchAsst. Patrol Leader Patch

Scribe PatchHistorian PatchChaplain Aide PatchQuartermaster Patch

Troop 46 is a "boy run" troop in keeping with the time-honored approach of Sir Baden-Powel, the founder of the Boy Scouting movement. Adult leadership is provided to provide the boys guidance and inspiration, but never to dictate. The Troop is principally led by a Leadership Council composed of a Senior Patrol Leader, and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and a Troop Guide. These offices are held by older Scouts who are selected by their peers to serve for a period of six months.

The Troop is divided into patrols (currently there are four) where most of the action occurs. Each patrol is led by a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader, also selected by the Scouts, for a six-month term.

Further Scout leadership is provided for the positions of Scribe, Historian, Librarian, Chaplain Aide, Bugler, and Quartermaster.

Scoutmaster PatchAssistant Scoutmaster PatchTroop Committee Patch

The Scouts are given guidance and direction by the Scoutmaster and his Assistant Scoutmasters. These adult leaders are responsible for helping the Scouts plan and execute their troop activities and to ensure they are progressing in rank.

A Troop Committee consisting of adults exists to support the Scoutmaster and to provide the resources (financial, property, and leadership) and policies necessary to keep the troop running smoothly.

All adult leadership is provided by volunteers -- mostly from among the Scout's parents.

Scout Law

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