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Merit Badge Counselors

Here's the adults and leaders in our Troop who are registered with Pioneer Trails District as Merit Badge Counselors. Counselors for other merit badges can be found by calling the Heart of America Council at 816-942-9333.

bulletArcheology  Dan Field
bulletArchitecture  Tom Holley
bulletArt  Ernie Shipman
bulletAuto Mechanics  Steve Bean
bulletBird Study  Mike Heffernan
bulletCamping *  Rick Chambers, Mark Semke, Mike Teague, David White
bulletCitizenship in the Community *  Nancy Day, Dan Field, Larry Tyrl, Nancy Washburn
bulletCitizenship in the Nation *  Dan Field, Bill Hall, Larry Tyrl
bulletCitizenship in the World *  Dan Field, Bill Hall, Mahnaz Shabbir, Dan Turner, David White
bulletCoin Collecting  Mike Teague
bulletCommunications *  Rick Chambers, Nancy Day, Mike Heffernan
bulletComputers  Steve Bean
bulletCooking  Tom Holley, Mark Semke, Ernie Shipman
bulletCrime Prevention  Steve Bean
bulletCycling *  Dave Noble
bulletDog Care  Nancy Day, Mark Semke
bulletDrafting  Ron Field, Ernie Shipman
bulletElectricity  Ron Field
bulletElectronics  Ron Field
bulletEmergency Preparedness *  Mark Semke, Mahnaz Shabbir
bulletEngineering  Mike Teague
bulletEnvironmental Science *  Nancy Day
bulletFamily Life *  Jerome Forte, Mahnaz Shabbir, Larry Tyrl, David White
bulletFarm Mechanics  Mike Teague
bulletFingerprinting  Steve Bean
bulletFirst Aid *  Nancy Day, Nancy Washburn
bulletFishing  Ernie Shipman
bulletGardening  Mike Heffernan
bulletGenealogy  Gerry Gerry
bulletHiking *  David White
bulletHome Repairs  Ron Field, Tom Holley
bulletIndian Lore  Dan Field, Tom Holley, David White
bulletInsect Study  Gerry Gerry
bulletLifesaving *  Dave Noble
bulletMammal Study  Gerry Gerry
bulletMedicine  Gerry Gerry, Mahnaz Shabbir
bulletOrienteering  Rick Chambers
bulletPersonal Fitness *  Rick Chambers, Ron Field, Dan Turner
bulletPersonal Management *  Rick Chambers, Jerome Forte, Mahnaz Shabbir, Larry Tyrl, David White
bulletPioneering  Tom Holley
bulletPlant Science  Mike Heffernan
bulletPublic Health  Gerry Gerry
bulletReading  Nancy Day
bulletSalesmanship  Ernie Shipman, Milt Steinzeig
bulletSoil and Water Conservation  Mike Heffernan
bulletSports *  Ron Field
bulletStamp Collecting  Gerry Gerry, Dan Turner
bulletSwimming *  Dave Noble
bulletTheater  Mike Heffernan, Claire Hennessey
bulletWeather  Rick Chambers, Mike Teague
bulletWoodcarving  Ernie Shipman

* Indicates an Eagle-required or alternate merit badge

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