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Reminders and Late-Breaking News

Coming soon......

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Troop Newsletter

Coming soon......

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Council Events

Check out the new Heart of America Council web site which includes sections for council and Pioneer Trails district events.

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Web Site Changes

March, 2001: Too many changes to describe after a long wait.

May 26, 1999: Added links on the Resources page to the official forms contained on the BSA web site.

January 8, 1999: Added a Council Events section to the News page and added several forms to the Resources page.

December 16-23, 1998: Lots of little changes:

  1. Added a new page to list the revised 1999 BSA Advancement Requirements
  2. Added lots of forms to the Resources page and reorganized it to make it easier to use
  3. Added a "hit counter" to the Home Page
  4. Added Steve's drawings to the Scout Showcase page
  5. Changed the appearance of the web site to make it more unique to Troop 46
  6. Added the Camporee and Thanksgiving campouts to the Photo Album. Check it out!

December 2, 1998: Changed the banner at the top of each page to allow AOL users to navigate the site.

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