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bulletHome Page: The starting place for everything else. Provides highlights of the Troop and its activities
bulletHelp: Go here for help on how to navigate our site.
bulletSite Map: That's this page.
bulletNews: Provides timely information about our Troop's and Scouts' activities. It has the following sections:
bulletWeb Changes: Describes changes to this web site such as new pages or significant new content within existing pages.
bulletReminders and Late Breaking News: Important reminders (upcoming fundraisers, dues, etc.) and news published too late to be included in the normal newsletter.
bulletTroop Newsletter: The electronic edition of our Troop Newsletter. Issued approximately every other month.
bulletAbout Troop 46: Tells a little bit about our objectives, purpose and history.
bulletTroop Calendar: Lists all upcoming events.
bulletScout Showcase: This is where we showcase our Scouts' creativity. Here Scouts can publish their artwork, articles, photographs, or almost anything else they want to.
bulletPhoto Album: Contains four photo albums of pictures taken during recent Troop activities.
bulletResources: Lets you download useful documents. The page contains sections for resources most helpful for Scouts, Parents, and Leaders. Also, this page contains a link to the Troop's Policy and Procedures page and to a list of the Troop's Merit Badge Counselors.
bulletUseful Links: Contains links to other sites on the internet that contain useful or interesting information.
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