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bulletWeb Site Purpose

Web Site Purpose

We've decided to publish a web page for a variety of reasons including:

bulletKeeping our Scouts and Scouting families informed. The internet provides the quickest way to communicate schedule changes, electronic resources (such as a copy of that form you lost that you have to turn in tonight), and late breaking news.
bulletSharing our adventures with family, friends, and other interested parties. How cool! Now grandma can see photos of Johnny on the last campout.
bulletProviding a new outlet for our Scouts' creative talents. As much as practical, we want the content of this site to be developed by the Scouts, not by parents or leaders. While adults will be responsible for some of the "boring" areas (such as this page and the schedule), we want the Scouts to maintain the content for most of the site. Over the next few months, we hope to transition from a leader-driven site to a Scout-driven one.
bulletLetting the community know about our Troop, its activities and objectives. We believe that Scouting offers something for our community's youth and gives back to the community through service projects. Most of the community isn't aware of this and we hope to add yet another way of communicating this through the internet. Hey, we may even get lucky and recruit some new Scouts to our Troop!

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This web site costs the Troop nothing. Its content is entirely developed through volunteer efforts. The cost of publishing is donated by one of our Troop's leaders who also serves as the site's webmaster.

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No confidential information is shared on this site. Scouts are identified by first names only (unless two Scouts have the same first name; then they are identified by first name and first letter of the last name; such as John A and John B). Scouts' phone numbers and addresses are never included. Email IDs are included for only selected Scouters and then only with their permission. Photos do not include Scouts' names.

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As a Scouting-related site, we adhere to Scouting's ideals. For example, this site contains only content appropriate for the entire family.

We do include selected links to sites not controlled by our Troop. Although we can't control the content of these sites, at the time of their selection they also followed these ideals. Links on our web site were selected because they provide Scouting-related content or they provide tools that help in the enjoyment of this and other internet sites.

One of our primary purposes for this site is to provide our Scouts with the opportunity to control the content of the site. Over the next several months, we hope to have more site content provided by the Scouts.

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EMail Me!Questions or comments? Let me know by email at troop46@dwhite.org.

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